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    Talking Help (desperately) Needed!

    My husband and I are expecting again- we found out this past Sunday, so it's still way too early to know the gender. Hopefully sometime in the next 4 months or so I'll be able to post the gender. For now, we've just been compiling lists of names that we'd like to use. Here are our top names:

    Dexter Thomas
    Ezra Caspian
    Theodore Isaac "Ted"
    Orion Rhett
    Phineas Jasper

    Lula Madeline
    Camille Hope
    Josephine Vera "Josie"
    Penelope Rae
    Serena Beatrice
    Clara Persephone

    All of the combinations have at least one name from our families, and Lula Madeline is one of the most special for us, "Lula" coming from my husband's little sister who died when she was very young, 9 years old I believe. We really wanted to honor her some how, and "Madeline" is from my mother's side, and it was my grandmother's middle name. We also have a 2 year old daughter named Annemarie Belle, and a relatively short last name- only 5 letters. Please give us your honest opinion and any name suggestions you have! Thanks a million!
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    Wow, Penelope Rae is on my list! Love it.

    I personally like Dexter Thomas, Phineas Jasper "Finn" and Penelope Rae best. Great list!

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    From your boy's list (my favorites):
    Ezra Caspian: Always liked Ezra for it's biblical meaning and how it sounds. Good combo.
    Orion Rhett: This sounds so manly. Lol!
    Phineas Jasper: Phineas is so cute! Works well with Jasper.

    From your girl's list (my favorites):
    Lula Madeline: The names with special meaning are always best.
    Clara Persephone: Don't like Clara too much, but Persephone made the combo the best.
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    With Annemarie, I like Theodore Isaac, Phineas Jasper, Camille Hope, and Josephine Vera best. They have a similar feel to them and go well in terms of style including length. While I like the family connection with Lula Madeline and I like the name, I don't think it fits well with Annemarie-- it looks too nickname-y next to it. What about Louisa Madeline, Lucinda Mae, Madeline Louise, Lucille Mae, or Julia Madeline with the nn Lula? For a boy, what about Thomas Dexter? I think Annemarie and Thomas fit better.

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    For boys I like Dexter Thomas the best. For girls my favorite is Camille Hope, but I think the meaning behind Lula Madeline makes it the best choice for you. You will be a lot more satisfied in your decision if the name has a special meaning for you.
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