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    My favorite combos are:

    Rhys Dafydd John
    Lucas Dafydd John
    Harrison Beau
    Harrison Blair
    Rhys Stephen Edward (Rhys Edward Stephen flows better to me)

    Hayden is not my style and I am in the US where retro nn's like Freddie as a fn have yet to come back. Personally I would put Frederick on the birth certificate. Otherwise, you have some lovely combos here! Have you considered Rhys Davis John? It's a little s heavy but could be an alternative to Dafydd. Using names from your list I also like Rhys Harrison John (or Rhys John Harrison), Rhys Bradley John and Rhys Hayden John (or Rhys John Hayden).
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    I like:
    Lucas Dafydd John
    Hayden Bradley
    Harrison Beau
    Freddie Rhys

    I don't like Beau but it fits with Harrison better than Blair.
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    I like Rhys and Freddie Dafydd John best. Freddie Stephen is also nice but Freddie Edward is a bit repetitive with the Ed sound for me. Do you have any nicknames for your daughter? If you call her Amy-Lou or Lulu or something related to Louise then I wouldn't use Lucas because of the Lu sound.
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    I personally hate the name Frederick it's too old for my liking. And my grandads name was Fred so I don't personally see a problem with Freddie.

    No Davis is a very common surname where I live and I can't use it. Dafydd means something to me as my grandads are both called David and my nan was born in Wales which is why I spell it Dafydd (pronounced Dav-I-Th).

    I like Rhys Bradley John I never thought of that name. The other names I'm not keen on.

    I quite like Harrison Beau.

    We do call her LuLu but its not all the time we call her Amy most of the time. This is what I was thinking about Lucas, I'm not sure on its popularity.

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    I really like Harrison Beau and Rhys Dafydd! I generally like two middles, but just Rhys Dafydd seems perfect on its own (and how cute is Amy-Louise and Rhys?!). LOVE Bradley as a MN, although I'm not sure about Huw Bradley or Hayden Bradley. I do like the idea of Hugo Bradley or Rhys Bradley, though!
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