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    Narrowed it down which ones do you like best

    So we've narrowed our list down a lot which name or names do you like best with sibling name Amy-Louise and surname begins with K and end in ER. - any other names welcome.

    Freddie Dafydd John
    Rhys Dafydd John
    Lucas Dafydd John

    Huw Bradley
    Hayden Beau
    Hayden Bradley
    Harrison Beau
    Harrison Blair

    Rhys Stephen Edward
    Rhys Stephen
    Rhys Freddie Dafydd

    Freddie Rhys
    Freddie Stephen
    Freddie Edward

    Could Harrison be useable as its my boyfriends brothers wife's brothers sons name if that makes sence.

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    Anyone help ?

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    I think Harrison is usable, confusing only for your husband's brother and his wife perhaps but not the rest of the family, unless the in-laws are close.

    All your combos are nice. Rhys Dafydd is lovely. The flow for Rhys Freddie Dafydd doesn't work as well as the others though IMO. With Amy-Louise I like Rhys and Freddie best.

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    I like Rhys, Harrison, and Lucas. I really like Lucas with Amy.

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    I'm married cool. I never new that. I wish I was though I have a stubborn bum of a boyfriend.

    We're close with my boyfriends brother and his wife and there son but we only see her brother and his kids at Christmas and on my boyfriends brothers sons birthday.

    I like Rhys Dafydd but it feels slightly over welsh. Is there any other names to go with Rhys that's not to welsh or too unusual and can't have James or Ethan as that's the nephews name.

    I do like Lucas but I'm just conserened about how popular it is

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