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Thread: Quinoa

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    Jul 2012
    My dad calls the grain "Quin-noah" *still*, even though he has heard us say it over and over again. (As a vegetarian household, we eat a lot of the stuff, lol)

    Chevron cracked me up, its so 2012 to me and if was a real person would be dated to that time period in pinterest style.
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    I actually really like Hallifax, Ridley, Hugo, and Elias. Ridley, Hugo, and Elias are legit names, and Halifax just sounds so badass (and reminds me of a play I like). I probably wouldn't use it myself, because it seems so hipster. But man, it's cool.
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    Following that board now. Hilarious.
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    I have an uncle whose name is Fernando but goes by Fendi. Jasper and Elias are the only two names I would ever consider using, the rest are just too weird for me

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    I had some spare time this evening, so I made a list of names from the blog : )

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