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Thread: Quinoa

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    Quinoa is perfect. Not good for anyone real, but so perfectly hits the mood for the Pinterest board photos. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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    Edited for privacy.
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    Wow, how did I miss this board on pinterest?! Thanks for the heads up, entangler.

    I think Edington could be a cute nn/elaboration for Edward for those that don't use Ed, Eddy or Ned.
    Gaultier is the real(?) name of singer Gotye, but I guess since he doesn't go by it, it must not be super wearable.
    Humboldt and Chevron could defintely take off.

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    That is an ADORABLE website! It reminds me of the first chapter of the baby naming book 'Hello my name is Pabst'

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    ruolan, Gaultier is actually the French equivalent of his first name, Wouter, according to Wikipedia

    Hugo, Jasper, and Elias are the only ones that sound like real names to me. They're not really my style, though. The rest sound like last names, although I guess that's what's popular these days.
    Favorite names at the moment:
    Simone Sage
    Andre Larion

    Other names I like: Veronica Vivian Lydia Octavia Bianca Flora Zulima Augustine Elsa Avalon Zamora Carmina

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