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    I like Eden Abigail Rose, which I know isn't a choice, but I think it's a gorgeous name and flows very well.

    I also like Hannah Brooke.

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    Felicity Abigail Jane is the best combo all around. However, I love Heidi with Amy. How about Heidi Abigail Jane?

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    Although Eden Abigail Jane and Heidi Abigail Jane are cute. - Eden may is after Edna May my boyfriends nan. And Heidi, Holly and Hannah have b middles due to a family memeber with them initials and we like the ring of H.B.K being the initials.

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    Thank you - essjay.

    Keira Abigail Jane - Like the combo but not sure of Keira K---er, if it's a two syllable surname (like Keira Keller) it sounds a bit rhymey. It it's a longer surname (like Keira Karrister) it would work better.
    - The surname is Kitcher - would it sound ok with Keira. I don't think Keira Kitcher sounds too bad personally.

    name]Hannah[/name] Brooke - I like this, Hannah and Amy-Louise match well.
    - I do love Hannah I'm just unsure as I knew a few from school.

    Heidi Bianca - My favourite combo, Heidi is a bit more unusual than her sister's name but still familiar
    -I thought that but I didn't think it was too bad as its not completly out there.

    Holly Brooklyn - I like Holly, I think I prefer Holly Brooke to Holly Brooklyn, I find Brooklyn a bit trendy.
    - I like Brooke and its on the list but as Iv been liking Brooklyn lately I wanted to see people's views on this.

    Eden May Rose/Eden May-Rose - Prefer the unhyphenated version. Hyphenating a first name, like Amy-Louise, is a bit different to hyphenating a middle, like May-Rose, as middles don't get used a great deal so there's not a lot of point to it, and it doesn't change the flow. Eden-May Rose would be a different situation, but Eden May-Rose just seems like hyphenating for the sake of it.
    - I just wanted to see which people liked better hyphenated or in hyphenated as people kept telling me it's too long with 2 middle names.

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