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    So we've narrowed it down on our fave names at the moment. Which name do you like with sibling Amy-Louise and surname begins with K and ends in ER. - any other names would be good also.

    Felicity Abigail Jane
    Keira Abigail Jane

    Hannah Brooke
    Heidi Bianca
    Holly Brooklyn

    Eden May Rose
    Eden May-Rose
    Heidi Bianca or Eden Mary Rose.
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    Thank you everyone.

    The initials H.B.K are after a family member so Hannah Abiagil or Hannah Felicity would not be option even though they are cute.
    What B middle name would you think go with Hannah if you don't like Brooke/Brooklyn.

    Abigail means something to us as it was going to be our daughters name but we changed it to Amy-Louise. I do like Felicity Keira Jane but we want Abigail Jane to be the middle name. I'm not saying that he doesn't like Felicity and I don't like Keira but he prefers Keira and I prefer Felicity.

    K.K doesn't bother me as a first and last name as they would be know as Keira A.J K...... But if it was A.K.K for example I would not use it as I don't like alternation that way but as it has middles between the 2 K's it doesn't bother me too much.

    Holly Abigail Jane is cute but see above for explanation. On the H.B name.

    Edith is too old for my liking. Eden is after my boyfriends nan Edna as Edna was too old fashioned we wanted to find a more common version of Edna and Eden was the only name we could come up with both liked.

    It's Eden May Rose not Mary Rose even though that is cute.
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    NNs for Keira Keke and NNs for Felicity would be Lissy.

    My daughters NN is either Amy or LuLu.

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    Felicity Abigail Jane - Not a fan of Felicity, it's too frilly for my tastes.
    Keira Abigail Jane - Like the combo but not sure of Keira K---er, if it's a two syllable surname (like Keira Keller) it sounds a bit rhymey. It it's a longer surname (like Keira Karrister) it would work better.
    Hannah Brooke - I like this, Hannah and Amy-Louise match well.
    Heidi Bianca - My favourite combo, Heidi is a bit more unusual than her sister's name but still familiar
    Holly Brooklyn - I like Holly, I think I prefer Holly Brooke to Holly Brooklyn, I find Brooklyn a bit trendy.
    Eden May Rose/Eden May-Rose - Prefer the unhyphenated version. Hyphenating a first name, like Amy-Louise, is a bit different to hyphenating a middle, like May-Rose, as middles don't get used a great deal so there's not a lot of point to it, and it doesn't change the flow. Eden-May Rose would be a different situation, but Eden May-Rose just seems like hyphenating for the sake of it.

    My favourite is Heidi Bianca, followed by Hannah Brooke. Keira Abigail Jane I also really like but questionable whether it goes with your surname.

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    I like Hannah Brooke K_ er.
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