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    Cair Paravel :)
    @saracita00 - lol. Well, I'm a fan of Narnia, I wouldn't put it past me. I'd still like to get Caspian on my list as a MN. I probably wouldn't use them all--I think Ciaran and Killian are already gone from the possibilities, and I'm not sure I can really see me with a Sebastian, much as I love the Twelfth Night tie (and the nn Seb!). At this point, I think this is my list:

    Charles "Charlie"
    Boaz "Beau"
    Dominic "Dom"
    Atticus (not sure of a nn--I can't really see me using Gus or Ace, and while I like the idea of Atticus nn Kit, I adore Catherine nn Kit, so I probably wouldn't use that. Atti? Too close to Addy?)

    With Calvin "Cal", Patrick "Pax", Ian, Joseph, and Lev as possibilities, as well. I'm not sure how I feel about them all though, some of them could easily axed.
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    List under major construction. Thinking about today:

    Isabelle Aurora GraceZane Alexander CaspianGenevieve Sofia EsmeEverett Joshua Charles
    Casper Nathaniel EdenEleanor Pasqualina Mary "Lena"Samson Adler JackPoppy Éliane Clementina
    Thomas BenjaminAlice ClementineIan MarinerAmelia Winter
    Claire JuniperDesmond JoshuaHazel IsabellaEzra Borealis

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    Dominic "Dom" - Love. It reminds me of Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious movies, which are right up there in my favorites
    Ciaran - I like it. I want to like it more, since I've had it on my list before, but in the end I had to take it off because I just didn't like it enough. You may be having the same issue.
    Killian/Cillian - Similar story to Ciaran for me. Like it in the past, like it in general, but probably for other people rather than myself.
    Ian - Love!
    Toby - I think Toby or Tobin would both be rather cute.
    Josiah - My perception of this name changes day to day. Today, I sort of like it. I wouldn't use it for myself as I feel so wishy-washy, but I think I'd be happy meeting a little Josiah.

    Bryn - Would be cool on a boy. I slightly prefer for girl.
    Ianto - Love this one. I'd feel comfortable using it for a FN but it all depends on how adventurous you are.
    Rhys - Handsome and I think people wouldn't have a hard time accepting it.

    Zane Fielding - Not my type of name. I've never liked Zane and Fielding reminds me too strongly of the word to think of it as a name.
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