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    A few more considerations for my long list...

    I'm still in the midst of exploring options for potentially having a top 20 boys' list, and I have a few more names I'm considering. Thoughts on these?

    Dominic "Dom" (I'm absolutely in love with Dom lately! I think it's adorable)
    Ciaran (in honor of my mom Karen. I love it as a way to honor her... I'm just not sure I love Ciaran enough for it to be FN potential)
    Killian/Cillian (I know the Kill Ian thing--I still like it as a name, though.)
    Ian (another family name)
    Toby (Tobin? I'm not a fan of Tobiah or Tobias at all--the Biblical namesake is more repulsive than appealing--and I honestly like just Toby best, but I sort of feel like I should use a fuller name. Although with just Jack on my list, I think Jack and Toby would be fine for brothers...)

    I'm also tossing around Bryn, Ianto, and Rhys as middles (maybe FNs?) in honor of my Welsh heritage. Are any of them (particularly Ianto?) too out-there for actual use?

    And lastly: Zane Fielding. Yay or nay? I'm not sure why I love it, but I do!
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    thinking about Seville, the Sagrada Família, and torrijas (Spain!):
    Adela Ainhoa ▪ Alejandra Miren ▪ Anna María Sol ▪ Eliana Elixabete ▪ Evangelina Leonor "Eva"
    Isabel Haizea ▪ Lidia Izar ▪ Lucía Itxaro ▪ Magdalena Beatriu "Magda" ▪ Sofía Mireia
    Agustín Petri ▪ Andrés Benjamín ▪ Daniel Aitor ▪ Gaspar Francisco ▪ Hugo Patxi
    Lucas Iker ▪ Matías Alesander ▪ Santiago Xavier ▪ Sebastián Sendoa ▪ Teodoro Artur "Teo"

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    Dominic "Dom" - this is strong and masculine but it depends on how much you love Everett/Charlotte because I think they're too similar for siblings. This name goes best with Isabelle, Olivia, Liliana, Hannah, Eva, Catherine, Josephine, Asher, Jack, Samuel and Charles.

    Ciaran - I love this Irish name and it would be a creative way to honour a mom named Karen. I also love Cian. Arianne, Grayson, Gwendolyn or Catherine may have to be eliminated if you choose it for a first name. You do seem to be short of a name ending in "n" on your boys list. Ciaran pairs well with Violet, Tess ane surnames like Everett, Avery and Bailey.

    Killian/Cillian - I like the original "C" spelling but I do prefer Ciaran for a first name. It has the same issues as Ciaran but maybe Olivia would be in jeopardy (Cillian and Olivia have similar sounds).

    Ian (another family name) - Ian is a little more versatile than Ciaran and Cillian. It goes well with many types of names styles especially more traditional names like Olivia, Rachel, Charlotte, Samuel, Charles and Jack.

    Toby - This is a cute nn for Tobin but I wouldn't use it as a first name on its own. It works better for a boy because it sounds juvenile (Jack works for all ages).

    Bryn, Ianto, and Rhys as middles - the middle spot is a great place to honour your Welsh heritage and to go a little wild. I think all of these are usable.

    Zane Fielding - I love the look of this combo (the g at the end breaks the straight line) and I love the sound of them together (1-2 syllable count). My only hesitation would be the similar "ay" sound with some of the other names on your signature. Zane/Rachel/Eleni/Grayson/Avery/Bailey/Caleb all share this sound.
    All the best,

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    Dominic: I've always liked Dominic, even if it isn't something I would use personally. It's strong and handsome and a great name overall.
    Ciaran: doesn't appeal to me, but I can appreciate that it honors your mom
    Killian/Cillian: fun, upbeat Irish name that I wouldn't mind seeing on someone else's son
    Ian: I know several Ians, most of them teenagers. I'm not a fan of Ian personally because it sounds weird (eeee-an), but that could just be because I always hear it in a Southern drawl.
    Toby: I keep picturing a golden retriever... but I do like Toby for a boy. If you don't like any of the long forms, just name him Toby. I know an Obie whose name works for him just fine. Nickname names aren't nearly as burdensome as some berries seem to think.
    Bryn, Ianto, and Rhys: all perfectly usable, especially as middle names - Ianto especially is jaunty and cool
    Zane Fielding: This is really cool. I like it, but like you I'm not sure why.

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    Great names, all except for Toby. Maybe it's irrational but I still remember being disgusted by this name the first time I heard it when I was a young child (summer movie series including films about a circus kid named Toby). It makes me think of toes and bee stings and other unpleasant things.

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    Dominic is my favorite in that last - Dom is great and a nn I really like too

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