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    Initial Generation CAF based on my family

    This is the first time I've created anything. Hopefully you like it!

    LN: G

    DGF: HL
    DGM: JJ nee S

    DS1: HL, Jr.
    DS2: JK
    DS3: DH
    DD1: JS
    DD2: EI
    DD3: MJ
    DD4: SA


    DS1: HLG, Jr.
    exDW: MLP
    exDW: DLT
    DW: LOG nee S

    (First 2 children with 1st wife, second 2 with 2nd wife)

    DS: MJ
    -DW: JK nee R

    DD: DPW nee G
    -DH: SWW

    DD: MN
    -DF: JOL

    DD: DMS nee G
    -DH: GBS
    --DS: TBS (Middle name is father's middle name)
    --DD: RBAS

    DS2: JKG
    exDW: MJD

    DS: KJG (reverse of father's name)
    -DGF: NKF
    --DS: MJG

    DD: KMG (Middle name is mother's first name)
    -DBF: EJD

    DS3: DHG
    DW: MJG nee B

    DAS: MDG

    DD1: JSS nee G
    DH: JDS, Jr.

    DS: JDS, III
    -DF: MEP

    DD: JEM nee S
    -DH: MJM
    --DD: JCM (First name is great-grandmother's first name)
    --DD: HEM (Middle name is mother's middle name)

    DD: JCB nee S
    -DH: HJB, III
    --DD: AJB (Middle name is great-grandmother's middle name)
    --DS: HJB, IV

    DD2: EIN nee G
    DH: DWN, Sr.

    DS: DWN, Jr.
    -exGF: AEK
    --DD: GNN
    -DW: SJN nee E
    --DSS: ASE
    --DSD: MJE
    --DD: HJN
    --DS: LDN (Middle name is father's first name)

    DD: MLN
    -exBF: JWO
    --DD: AAN
    ---DBF: AJS
    ----DD: (expecting) ARS

    DS: KPN
    -DW: JAN nee M
    --DS: KSN
    --DD: JJN
    --DD: EIN (Middle name is grandmother's middle name)

    DD3: MJE nee G
    -DH: TLE, Sr.

    DD: TLD nee E
    -DH: DAD
    --DD: MJD (Middle name is great-grandmother's first name)
    --DS: ADD (Father's name reversed)

    DS: TLE, Jr.
    -DW: DME nee W
    --DS: BTE (Middle name is father's first name)
    --DD: CME (Middle name is mother's middle name)
    --DD: TNE

    DD4: SAF nee G
    -DH: JFF, Jr.

    DD: MMF
    DS: PJF (Middle name is father's middle name)

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    We are the Griswolds. I am Herman Lyle Griswold, an 80 year old retired chef, and this is my beautiful bride Josephine Jean Shadid Griswold, a 77 year old beauty queen and former interior decorator. We have seven children – Junior, Julian, Van, Joey, Emmy, Marra Jean, and Sophie Griswold.
    Herman Lyle Griswold, Jr. is a 56 year old financier. With his first wife – 51 year old high school principal Madeline Lara Potter – he had 30 year old Marshall Jackson Griswold, a football coach, and his twin 30 year old Dana Paige Griswold White, a biochemist. Marsh is married to 25 year old Jaclyn Kendall Riordan Griswold, a dental hygienist, and Dana is married to 32 year old Silas Walden White, a corporate attorney. Neither have children. After Maddie, Jr. was also married to a woman named Desiree Lola Truitt, a 49 year old sales manager. They had together 28 year old Maxine Noa Griswold, a librarian, and 26 year old Dessa Mae Griswold Sever who is a veterinary technician. Maxine is engaged to 23 year old Jada Olivia Lear, a dancer, and Dessa is married to 28 year old horticulturist, Gable Banner Sever. Dessa & Gabe have 3 year old Tobias Banner Sever and baby girl Rachel Becca Anne Sever. Jr. is currently married to his third wife, 46 year old Laurelin Ophelia Sandberg Griswold, a talented author.
    Julian Keller Griswold is a 53 year old insurance executive. He is divorced from the mother of his children, Meredith June Davenport, a 49 year old wedding planner. Together they had Keller Julian Griswold, a 29 year old history teacher, and Kelsa Meredith Griswold, a 26 year old barista. Keller is together with a woman named Nicole Kathryn Fyke, a 28 year old SLP and they have an 8 year old son named Manning Julian Griswold. Kelsa is dating a man named Elias Jordan Doble, a 27 year old physical therapist.
    Donovan Hyde Griswold is a 51 year old nurse practitioner. He is married to Morganna Justine Buchanan Griswold, a 41 year old fashion stylist. Together, they have an adopted son named Merrick Daniel Griswold who is 19 and studying audiology.
    Joanna Susette Griswold Stuart is a 49 year old physicist. She is married to 51 year old Jasper Duncan Stuart, Jr, an architect. Together, they have 28 year old Jasper Duncan III, 26 year old Jessa Evelyn Stuart Moore, and 24 year old Joss Cailyn Stuart Barr. JD III is a marketing executive and engaged to 30 year old Marvin Elliott Phipps, a bartender. Jess is an art therapist and married to 28 year old Mitcham Joel Moore, an auto mechanic. Jess and Mitch have 4 year old Josephine Caila Moore and 1 year old Harper Evelyn Moore. Joss is married to 29 year old Hawthorne Jude Barr III – a historian and activist – and they have 3 year old Ayla Jean Barr and new born Hawthorne Jude Barr IV.
    Emma Ivory Griswold Norman is a 47 year old bank manager married to Dashell Winslow Norman, Sr. – a 50 year old CEO. From a prior marriage, Dash had 30 year old Dashell Winslow Norman, Jr. who works at his company in graphic design. The pair also have 27 year old preschool director Malia Lynn Norman and 25 year old cellular sales manager Keshaun Phillip Norman. Dash Jr. has a 9 year old daughter named Gigi Noelle Norman with his ex girlfriend, 29 year old retail employee Aisha Eden Kelly. He is now married to a 26 year old social media manager named Sienna Jae Ewing Norman. Sienna has two children from her previous relationship named Anthony Shawn and Marlon Jonah Ewing. The pair now have 2 year old Holly Joy and 1 year old Levi Dashell Norman. Malia has a 6 year old daughter named Aria Avianna Norman with her exboyfriend Jay William Odin, a 31 year old deadbeat. She is now dating Adonis Johnson Spencer and they are expecting a little girl to be named Amelia Rose Spencer. Keshaun is married to a 24 year old nursing student named Jennifer Ava McNabb Norman and they have a 4 year old named Keshaun Seiler Norman, a 2 year old named Jayla Jennifer Norman, and a new baby girl named Eva Ivory Norman.
    Marra Jean Griswold Ehle is a 45 year old tailor and clothier who is married to 49 year old retired MLB player Timothy Lawrence Ehle, Sr. The two have 26 year old Tatum Laura Ehle Devereaux – a massage therapist – and 25 year old Timothy Lawrence Ehle, Jr., a business analyst. Tatum is married to 29 year old youth pastor Douglas Adam Devereaux and they have 5 year old Mirabel Josephine Devereaux and 3 year old Adam Douglas Deveraux. Tim Jr. is married to 24 year old app developer Daly Mavis Woodrow Ehle and they have 4 year old Benjamin Timothy Ehle, 2 year old Cassandra Mavis Ehle, and brand new daughter Tenley Nora Ehle.
    Sophia Alice Griswold Frey is a 42 year old Pilates instructor married to 49 year old commercial pilot Jonathan Felix Frey, Jr. They have two children, 19 year old Madison McKenna Frey, a cosmetology student, and 17 year old Preston Jonathan Frey, a high school senior.
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    LN: Granger

    DGF: Holden Leander
    DGM: Juno Jemima nee Sorenson

    DS1: Holden Leander, Jr.
    DS2: Julius Killian
    DS3: Dashiell Hugo (Dash)
    DD1: Josephine Sage
    DD2: Elizabeth Imogen (Libby)
    DD3: Matilda Johanna
    DD4: Seraphina Araminta


    DS1: Holden Leander Granger, Jr.
    exDW: Minerva Luella Poet
    exDW: Danica Lavinia Thackeray
    DW: Leona Ophelia Granger nee Sawyer

    DS: Montgomery Jude Granger (Monty)
    -DW: Jane Keturah nee Riddle

    DD: Daphne Pearl Wilder nee Granger
    -DH: Simon Willoughby Wilder

    DD: Margot Nora Granger
    -DF: Jonah Otto Lockhart

    DD: Delphine Miette Snow nee Granger
    -DH: Gideon Beckett Snow
    --DS: Theodore Beckett Snow (Theo)
    --DD: Ravenna Beatrix Annabel Snow

    DS2: Julius Killian Granger
    exDW: Madeleine Jacqueline Devereux

    DS: Killian Julius Granger
    -DGF: Nicole Kathleen Fitzwilliam
    --DS: Moses Julian Granger (Moe)

    DD: Kaia Madeleine Granger
    -DBF: Ezra Jonas Doss

    DS3: Dashiell Hugo Granger (Dash)
    DW: Marigold Julianne Granger nee Brooks (Goldie)

    DAS: Magnus Declan Granger

    DD1: Josephine Sage Sinclair nee Granger
    DH: John Deacon Sinclair, Jr.

    DS: John Deacon Sinclair, III (Jack)
    -DF: Magdalena Emmeline Poet (Lena)

    DD: Juliet Esme McAllister nee Sinclair (Jett)
    -DH: Malachi Jarvis McAllister
    --DD: Juno Cosima McAllister
    --DD: Hazel Esme McAllister

    DD: Jessamine Clementine Black nee Sinclair
    -DH: Henry James Black, III
    --DD: Arabella Jemima Black
    --DS: Henry James Black, IV (Hal)

    DD2: Elizabeth Imogen North nee Granger (Libby)
    DH: Desmond Walter North, Sr.

    DS: Desmond Walter North, Jr. (Desi)
    -exGF: Aurelia Eliza Kingsley
    --DD: Gemma Nyla North
    -DW: Simone Jeanne North nee Ellis
    --DSS: Asher Samson Ellis
    --DSD: Maxine Jade Ellis
    --DD: Harriet Jasmine North (Hattie)
    --DS: Lachlan Desmond North

    DD: Maeve Lavender North
    -exBF: Jameson Warner Olivier (Jem)
    --DD: Adelaide Alice North (Lady)
    ---DBF: Alaric Jethro Schuyler
    ----DD: (expecting) Aurora Rowena Schuyler (Rory)

    DS: Kane Perseus North
    -DW: Jolene Anneliese North nee McPherson (Lena)
    --DS: Kai Sebastian North
    --DD: Juniper Jolie North
    --DD: Evangeline Imogen North

    DD3: Matilda Johanna Evans nee Granger
    -DH: Tobias Louis Evans, Sr.

    DD: Theodora Lyra Darling nee Evans (Thea)
    -DH: Dylan August Darling
    --DD: Merida Juno Darling
    --DS: August Dylan Darling (Gus)

    DS: Tobias Louis Evans, Jr. (Toby)
    -DW: Daisy Mabel Evans nee Wilde
    --DS: Bellamy Tobias Evans
    --DD: Cressida Mabel Evans
    --DD: Tallulah Niamh Evans

    DD4: Seraphina Araminta Frost nee Granger
    -DH: Jasper Felix Frost, Jr.

    DD: Magnolia Moira Frost
    DS: Phineas Jasper Frost

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    DGF: Henry Lewis Gage
    DGM: Jane Julia Sherman

    DS1: Henry Lewis Gage, Jr.
    DS2: James Kenneth Gage
    DS3: David Hugh Gage
    DD1: Joan Sabrina Gage
    DD2: Elizabeth India Gage
    DD3: Mary Jennifer Gage
    DD4: Susan Annabel Gage


    DS1: Henry Lewis Gage, Jr.
    exDW: Margaret Lena Peckham
    exDW: Deborah Lydia Tyler
    DW: Lillian Olive Shaw

    (First 2 children with 1st wife, second 2 with 2nd wife)

    DS: Michael John Gage
    -DW: Jessica Kathreine Ross

    DD: Diana Patricia Gage
    -DH: Sebastian Winston Winters

    DD: Madeleine Nora Gage
    -DF: Jason Oliver Lochlan

    DD: Deborah Mary Gage
    -DH: George Benjamin Sutton
    --DS: Thomas Benjamin Sutton
    --DD: Rose Bethany Anne Sutton

    DS2: James Kenneth Gage
    exDW: Melissa Jennifer Danforth

    DS: Kenneth James Gage
    -DGF: Nicola Kate Farley
    --DS: Milo James Gage

    DD: Katharine Melissa Gage
    -DBF: Edmund John Danes

    DS3: David Hugh Gage
    DW: Marian Jean Billings

    DAS: Matthew David Gage

    DD1: Joan Sally Gage
    DH: Jonathan Daniel Scott, Jr.

    DS: Jonathan Daniel Scott, III
    -DF: Megan Emma Paulson

    DD: Juliet Emily Scott
    -DH: Michael Joshua McMann
    --DD: Jane Catherine McMann
    --DD: Helen Emily McMann

    DD: Jacqueline Claire SScott
    -DH: Harry Jack Bonham, III
    --DD: Audrey Julia Bonham
    --DS: Harry Jack Bonham, IV

    DD2: Elizabeth India Gage
    DH: Daniel William Nelson, Sr.

    DS: Daniel William Nelson, Jr.
    -exGF: Ava Esther Kennedy
    --DD: Georgia Nancy Nelson
    -DW: Sophia June Emory
    --DSS: Arthur Samuel Emory
    --DSD: Mabel Josephine Emory
    --DD: Harriet Jane Nelson
    --DS: Louis Daniel Nelson

    DD: Melanie Louise Nelson
    -exBF: James Walter Olson
    --DD: Amy Alicia Nelson
    ---DBF: Alexander Joshua Smith
    ----DD: (expecting) Agatha Ruby Smith

    DS: Kevin Patrick Nelson
    -DW: Jillian Amber Moran
    --DS: Kirk Sebastian Nelson
    --DD: June Jessica Nelson
    --DD: Ella India Nelson

    DD3: Mary Jennifer Gage
    -DH: Thomas Leo Ellington, Sr.

    DD: Tabitha Leah Ellington
    -DH: Dennis Andrew Darcy
    --DD: Marietta Jane Darcy
    --DS: Andrew Dennis Darcy

    DS: Thomas Leo Ellington, Jr.
    -DW: Daisy Michelle Wainwright
    --DS: Beau Thomas Ellington
    --DD: Claire Michelle Ellington
    --DD: Tallulah Nora Ellington

    DD4: Susan Annabel Gage
    -DH: Joseph Frederick Fergus, Jr.

    DD: Mary Martha Fergus
    DS: Peter Joseph Fergus
    hannah rose

    edward james - george henry - john arthur - charles william
    mary catherine - philippa anne - jane margaret - elizabeth alexandra

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    LN: Green

    DGF: Harold Linus Green
    DGM: June Juliet (Schneider) Green

    DS1: Harold Linus Green, Jr.
    DS2: John Kevin Green
    DS3: David Henry Green
    DD1: Jane Sylvia Green
    DD2: Ellen Iris Green
    DD3: Mary Julia Green
    DD4: Susan Annabelle Green

    Harold & June with Harry, John, David, Jane, Ellen, Mary, and Susan


    DS1: Harold Linus Green, Jr.
    exDW: Meredith Louise Paulson
    exDW: Dorothy Lois Taylor
    DW: Lillian Olive (Sanchez) Green

    Harry with Matt, Danielle, Megan, and Delia

    DS: Matthew Joseph Green
    -DW: Jennifer Kolette (Ross) Green

    Matt & Jenny

    DD: Danielle Petra (Green) Washington
    -DH: Shawn Wesley Washington

    Shawn & Danielle

    DD: Megan Nicole Green
    -DF: Jeremiah Oliver Lawson

    Jeremiah & Megan

    DD: Delia Mallory (Green) Sakamoto
    -DH: Gabriel Benjamin Sakamoto
    --DS: Thomas Benjamin Sakamoto
    --DD: Rosalie Bernadette Alexandra Sakamoto

    Gabe & Delia with Thomas and Rosalie

    DS2: John Kevin Green
    exDW: Miriam Janice Diaz

    DS: Kevin John Green
    -DGF: Nicolette Katherine Fredericks
    --DS: Miles Joseph Green

    Kevin & Nicolette with Miles

    DD: Kelly Miriam Green
    -DBF: Evan Julian Drake

    Evan & Kelly

    DS3: David Henry Green
    DW: Marilyn Janet (Baxley) Green

    DAS: Maxwell David Green

    David & Marilyn with Max

    DD1: Jane Sylvia (Green) Sylvester
    DH: Jeffrey Daniel Sylvester, Jr.

    DS: Jeffrey Daniel Sylvester, III
    -DF: Malcolm Elijah Pruitt

    J.D. & Malcolm

    DD: Jessa Emily (Sylvester) Moore
    -DH: Mitchell Julian Moore
    --DD: June Calliope Moore
    --DD: Hazel Emily Moore

    Mitch & Jessa with June and Hazel

    DD: Jackie Colette (Sylvester) Bennett
    -DH: Harrison James Bennett, III
    --DD: Alexandra Juliet Bennett (Middle name is great-grandmother's middle name)
    --DS: Harrison James Bennett, IV

    James & Jackie with Alexandra and Harrison

    DD2: Ellen Iris (Green) Niemi
    DH: Dale William Niemi, Sr.

    Dale & Ellen with Will, Mallory, and Kyle

    DS: Dale William Niemi, Jr.
    -exGF: Andrea Elaine Koske
    --DD: Gemma Nadine Niemi
    -DW: Sabrina Jane (Evanston) Niemi
    --DSS: Asher Samuel Evanston
    --DSD: Maya Jane Evanston
    --DD: Hannah June Niemi
    --DS: Leo Dale Niemi

    Will & Sabrina with Gemma, Asher, Maya, Hannah, and Leo

    DD: Mallory Lillian Niemi
    -exBF: Jack William Olsen
    --DD: Ainsley Adelaide Niemi
    ---DBF: Andrew Jordan Severs
    ----DD: (expecting) Arielle Rose Severs

    Jack & Mallory with Ainsley
    Andrew & Ainsley with Arielle

    DS: Kyle Paul Niemi
    -DW: Jana Allison (Myers) Niemi
    --DS: Kent Simon Niemi
    --DD: Jillian Jana Niemi
    --DD: Erica Iris Niemi

    Kyle & Jana with Kent, Jillian, and Erica

    DD3: Mary Julia (Green) Eberhart
    -DH: Timothy Leonard Eberhart, Sr.

    Timothy & Mary with Thea and Tim

    DD: Thea Louise (Eberhart) Danvers
    -DH: Dexter Alexander Danvers
    --DD: Mira June Danvers
    --DS: Alexander Dexter Danvers

    Dexter & Thea with Mira and Alec

    DS: Timothy Leonard Eberhart, Jr.
    -DW: Dora Marisol (Wilson) Eberhart
    --DS: Brandt Timothy Eberhart
    --DD: Cora Marisol Eberhart
    --DD: Thea Nicole Eberhart

    Tim & Dora with Brandt, Cora, and Thea

    DD4: Susan Annabelle (Green) Foster
    -DH: Jacob Frederick Foster, Jr.

    DD: Matilda Marilyn Foster
    DS: Peter Jacob Foster

    Jacob & Susan with Matilda and Peter
    Thomas, Henry, Edwin, Arthur, Ford, Brandt, Isaac, Levi, Aaron, Asa, Graham, William, Soren
    Mary, Cora, Felicity, Catherine, Jane, Celeste, Virginia, Eleanor, Georgiana, Lavinia, Ramona, Louisa, Daphne, Julia, Nadia, May

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