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    Duncan's here!

    Duncan Tatsui Tyndale, nn Tate.

    Tatsui means "boar dragon" in Japanese. It's in honor of Tatsui Sato, who translated the Book of Mormon from English to Japanese.

    Tyndale honors William Tyndale, the English martyr who translated the Bible and died at the stake in 1536.

    He is a cheerful, chubby, rugged fellow and we are all thrilled to have him!

    Duncan is little brother to: William Takashi, Reilly Sentaro, Bronwen "Buffy" Fumie, Hilani "Hanibee" Hisamarie, Sakura "Suki" LouJean, Musashi "Moose" Dustin and Cora Dove Columbia Megumi.

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