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    Thank you guys so much!!! I know I really have to make more time for it. Its terrible, it is always hard for me to want to engage in sex as it is. I am not sure why I am like that. it was not like that in the beginning of our relationship but I guess routine and the "honey moon" stage kind of being over may have something to do with it? But we gave it a whirl last night so we shall see what happens. I am more relaxed and realizing if it doesn't happen this cycle I can try the next time and I will calculate right after I get my period.

    Is it true you can conceive right after you get your period or that is a myth?
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    How old are you, Scarlett, if you don't mind me asking? I conceived Mila by accident when I was 22... On the mini pill. She was born when I was 23. Now I'm 26 and this is our first month TTC number 2. My husband and I have sex most days so we haven't done much differently this month, although I did make sure we dtd during the days I thought I was fertile... Bit confused about which days those actually were though, lol.
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    The one I'm currently pregnant with was an accident. With my boys, it took three months of trying to get pregnant with the eldest and the younger one we weren't even properly trying, just using a "if it happens it happens" approach and at some point pretty early on, it happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowangreeneyes View Post
    Ottilie, did you get married?
    Yeah, I did. Just simple and easy at the registry office. We're going to have a big party/hand fasting thing after this baby is born, this was just for us and certain things regarding the children are easier (less paperwork) when we're married. I didn't want to get married while pregnant, and my husband (so weird to say that!) didn't want to wait another year...
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    Not to hijack the thread, but congratulations, Ottilie!

    Scarlett, to answer your question as to whether you can get pregnant right after your period or not - well, it depends on when you ovulate. Some people ovulate as early as day 8 of your cycle (cycle day 1 is the first day of flow), so that person could get pregnant right after their period. But if you don't ovulate until day 14 or day 22 or later, then no, you wouldn't get pregnant right after your period.

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