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    Ovulation calculators always go by averages too... Not every woman has perfect, spot on Day 14 ovulation. I would for sure keep going, but only if it's not stressing you out too much!
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    I wouldn't worry too much about the exact window you calculated, you could easily ovulate a day or three earlier or later (I was about a week off from when my calendar said I *should* have ovulated, but like I said before, pretty irregular). Generally you want to try a few times between 5 days before ovulation through the actual day-of, but really, just try for every few days throughout the middle of your cycle and you're quite likely to get the timing right.

    If you find all the guestimating is stressing you out more and want to get super precise about it, an ovulation predictor kit (I like the wondfo test strips you get on amazon) will zero in on exactly when you're ovulating. Still aim for every couple days, but then you know for sure when that window has passed.
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    @scarlett - Having sex more than once during your fertile window definitely increases your chances of conceiving. The best days are two days before ovulation, the day before ovulation, the day of ovulation and the day after ovulation if you can manage four days in a row! Ideally, you should have sex every second or third day throughout the month, but more frequently during your fertile window (you can have sex every day of the month if you want - this won't affect your partner's sperm count unless it's low to begin with). If you download an app (I use Period Tracker) it highlights your most fertile days each month and allows you to keep track of when your periods are, when you're ovulating, etc. Once you ovulate, the egg only lasts 12-24 hours. So, having sex more than 24 hours after ovulation probably won't result in conception. Given that you're only 23, you'll probably conceive fairly quickly if you (and your partner) don't have any fertility issues. However, it's different for everyone. As your doctor will tell you, anything less than a year is considered normal. You should probably try OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) at least once just to be sure you're ovulating when you think you are. If you're a few days out, that could screw up your chances of conceiving.

    @ottilie - You can't get pregnant if you're not ovulating. The reason people say there's no really safe time is because many women aren't completely sure when they ovulate every month. If you're not TTC, you're probably not concentrating on how your body works and when ovulation occurs so you could have sex during ovulation and get pregnant because you didn't realise you were ovulating. Also, sperm can live up to seven days in a woman's body, so if you have sex during that time prior to ovulation, you could still get pregnant. I've just realised I know way too much about this stuff! This is what TTC for four months does to you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Dude, you're young, it's probably going to be easy. I know nothing about TTC'ing, so I'm probably not going to be very helpful, but just once during ovulation? That sounds boring. Both my pregnancies have been accidents, so this is probably not going to be helpful, but I have sex with my husband at least once a day. And if I was trying to get pregnant, I'd probably not bother doing anything else during the ovulation period.
    Haha, I feel the exact same way. I understand conflicting job schedules, injuries, etc. but I've always had the theory that if you have sex everyday, you're covered! Sex for the purpose of procreation should be no different than normal, fun sex. Maybe even more fun!

    Ottilie, did you get married?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rowangreeneyes View Post

    Ottilie, did you get married?
    I was wondering the same thing, did I miss the big announcement? I'll be gutted if I did, I haven't checked in on the wedding thread in ages so I'm not up to date!

    Anyway, I agree with the majority. Baby dance as often as you can and if nothing happens in 6 months, start seeking advice then. It took us quite a few tries to get pregnant on Daisy.

    I don't think it would hurt to know your cycle - try to figure out when your ovulating, buy some home kits, start taking prenatals now etc. so that if in 6 months you do have to go down that road, you'll have all your information ready which will speed up the investigation process.

    Best of luck to you x

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