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    We were not trying (lazily TTA).

    I track my cycles only with CM and log BD, did about a year of temping back in 2009 just to learn how my body was doing things. It's a good thing I at least had that chart, bare bones as it was, because we conceived on day 42-43 of my cycle (I'm super irregular, but usually not later than 35 days) and I needed something to 'prove' that to the OB who thought I was 10 weeks with a blighted ovum when really I was only 6 weeks and the embryo wasn't visible yet (at least not to an ultrasound tech expecting to see a 10-week uterus). I had already taken two pregnancy tests before conception, and I figured this was just a really weird cycle so we didn't worry about BC. Whoops

    Per your last question (did we TTC during ovulation), looking back at the chart NOW I realize I had a cycle re-set somewhere in there, and ovulation did occur the day of or day after BD. I show some similar CM during ovulation and immediately pre-period, which is common, and I assumed I was going to get my period the next day, when in actuality I was about to ovulate.
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    I have been off birth control for a few months now. My boyfriend and I just tried for the first time this week. And I am anxious that I am going to be a person who it will take months to have a baby. I am only 23 so I do not know if that plays a part in it or not. But it seems like a lot of people I talk to it is mixed. One person I know it took her 6 months while the other person I know got pregnant right away after going of BC.

    Do you suggest trying more than once during the week of ovulation?
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    Dude, you're young, it's probably going to be easy. I know nothing about TTC'ing, so I'm probably not going to be very helpful, but just once during ovulation? That sounds boring. Both my pregnancies have been accidents, so this is probably not going to be helpful, but I have sex with my husband at least once a day. And if I was trying to get pregnant, I'd probably not bother doing anything else during the ovulation period.
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    The first time I got preggo, we weren't actually trying, we just weren't preventing. I had been on birth control pills for about 15 years so I assumed it would take a looong time. I ended up pregnant at month 8! That pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

    It took me quite awhile to feel emotionally ready to try again so we waited over a year to really try the second time around. Then I bought an ovulation predictor kit to track ovulation - and I used the Mucinex trick - and we got pregnant during month 2! I'm now at 16 weeks, having a girl, and cruising along pretty well!!! The wording to your last question is a little funny and I'm sure this isn't what you meant but - it's impossible to get pregnant if you don't have sex while you're ovulating. Lots of women don't have to think about it and they're healthy and fertile enough - and having sex often enough - that it will just happen on its own by luck. But for those of us who are more eager to get preggo asap or who've had previous issues, tracking your ovulation is always going to be the fastest, most efficient way. Good luck to everyone who's trying!

    ETA: And if you're hoping to get preggo asap, definitely do it more than once during your ovulation!!! Your 23, it should be fun and easy for you!
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    Definitely try more than once around the time of ovulation if you can! Every other day is kind of the norm around here and seems to be conducive to TTC from what I've read/heard.

    No way of knowing how long it will take--I was sure I would have a long wait due to my irreg cycles and got pregnant immediately while my best friend who never expected a problem is just starting clomid after a year of trying. It's frustrating, but you never really know.

    I hope your TTC journey will be short and happy!
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