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    How many tries did it take before you got pregnant?

    Did it happen right away?
    Did it take a few tries?
    Did it take a few years?
    Did you try to conceive during ovulation like they say to do? Or it happened a different time?

    We tried for the first time this week and I am super nervous it will take months or more.
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    DS1 - 1 year, needed clomid
    DS2 - 2 months
    DD - first month trying
    current pg - 18 months, 1 mc, 3 chemical pgs, needed progesterone in the end

    We would just have sex every couple of days from when my period cleared.
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    12 months for #1 and 18 months for #2
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    It happened our first month trying but yes, I did track ovulation (w/ both a calendar and ovulation predictor test kit)
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    It took us 6 months of trying. I definitely tracked ovulation with BBT and OPK. Because of my age, I decided 6 months would be my limit, and then I would start looking into medical "assistance". I happened to have a beautiful BBT chart that 6th month, and that was the month for me. I took a lot of supplements for several months prior to trying- CO Q10, Omega 3's, DHA, folic acid, maca, Floradix, super greens, Chinese botanical formulas, and progesterone cream during my luteal phase, just to name a few.

    I will say, though, that in a previous marriage a few years ago, we casually tried for almost a year, and I was not successful. That caused me some concern, but in the long run, it was the best possible outcome.
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