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    Theres also the name genie and at behind the name even though there are no forums people voice there opinions on names. The huggies birth center baby name forum baby name wizard all found with a quick google search
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    Quote Originally Posted by kailua View Post
    I like to hang out on several different baby name boards. My child will be interacting with all types of people, so I want all types of opinions. But there are plenty of places where people think something like McTinzleigh is cute, so it's nice to come somewhere where you can discover interesting, unusual, yet not "yooneeque" names.
    Suggestions for some other name boards? I LOVE Nameberry but worry that I may allow the choice for our baby (who is due in less than 4 weeks!) to be over influenced by Nameberry! I spend so much time (= too much!) on here & have often thought that I should branch out for opinions/ideas now that I am actually going to name a baby...would be good to not be too swayed but I love the ideas and style of the Berries! I am sure that all that will result from me looking elsewhere is that I'll find myself 'running' back here but at least I might have a bit more of peace of mind about this baby's name! : )

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    Hi lemon nice to see you around again!

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    I stumbled across NB several years ago while pregnant with our 8th child. I loved it immediately! there are several ladies here I have grown to know, and with each child they have played a big and important role in helping me find just the right name
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    I had hung out on another popular name website years ago and "cut ties" with it (due to the mods being, um, no way to put this nicely...jerks) and had been itching to talk names when I found out I was newly pregnant with Wolfgang. I was familiar with the books by the website mods so figured it was a good site, poked around a little, liked what I saw and joined. Granted I'm not on here as much as many of you guys (way too busy with the kiddos, house etc and am on a private parenting website with many mamas I've known for almost 9 years plus FB...not enough hours in a day for me as you can imagine) so I tend to miss a lot, but, regardless when I can come on I enjoy going on the parenting board here and pretty much all the name boards but the "game" ones.
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