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    I actually found Nameberry through Yahoo! Answers' baby names section. Some people were linking there, and I decided to check it out. I loved the name style of this forum, as in others' I had found often loved tryndee and made-up names like Hazelyn or Aidyn. I wanted names with histories and meanings other than just a name that sounds nice like Aubrielle.
    Most of the time, Berries are blunt but not harsh, and the trolls on here don't ask about ridiculous names like TickieTockie (we do have a problem with trolls, but 99% of sites do). And they just talk about names.
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    Yes, yes and yes!

    I like the overall culture of appreciating names here. I came over from babycenter and behind the name because 1) I felt weird being on a baby-centered site when I'm not making babies and 2) the only people who said nice things about names I liked either had that name or it belonged to a friend or family member. I enjoy the diversity, background knowledge, proper grammar and general politeness, too. Occasionally, I get a bit tired of the group-think, but it's never enough to make me leave.

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    I originally was a lurker on the babynamesworld forums but got sick of it due to the ads. I'm not sure how I found nameberry though, maybe I typed the search word 'names' into google or something like that but once I found nameberry I got hooked. To be honest I wasn't all that serious about names then, occasionally I would search the web for character names and my favorite names were Lily and Noah. I suppose the reason why I've stayed here is that the forums and blogs have introduced me to new names, and styles that I hadn't previously known or thought about. Plus I love the insightful, and constructive atmosphere among the members here.

    Edit: Just realized after looking at my joining date I have been here for a year!
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    I was on a forum about five years ago where I would suggest a name one time and the expectant mom would say, "Yes! That's it! Thanks for naming my baby. Bye!" (Or some misspelled variation on that theme.) I didn't love that. It wasn't a dialogue! What I like most about NB is the conversational quality you can have with other people about topics we all enjoy - and it doesn't have to end on the thread. Back a few years ago when NB was a smaller beast, and Susan and Jane were still around, and all the posters seemed to "know" each other, we were a little happy family. Now, there's a little more input, a little more head butting, and maybe a few more kinks in the system, but I think NB Forums are on their way to creating that nice big family everyone is after, even if the annoying little sister comes a'lurking every once in a while (we still love her).
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    I was using to find out about names. I found nameberry through a google search and I didn't get an account for a while but i really like it now. There is a lot more diversity here my name for example on behind the name is considered: 1). It is not a name, 2). It screams ghetto, 3). It also screams as an "alter-ego" to a showgirl or such. or what about this sophisticated comment: It's a very pretty name. I don't think it works on white people. It so blatantly makes people think of black, after all. Certainly beats tacky ghetto-ish bastardizations of Arabic and African names. But a black girl named Ebony had better not speak Ebonics. That could lead to bullying in a predominantly white school. or this: This name is tacky and trashy. No offense, but I just can't picture it on a white girl. It sounds more like the name of a black girl in the ghetto who yells a lot. It started to annoy me so I looked for different sites. Here it is more diverse and even though there is a certain style even if you like the name Maddison Nevaeh no one will tell you that its a ghetto name or that it screams showgirl.
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