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    I had wanted to join a name forum for a while but they all seemed geared solely towards parents. I found one that wasn't, but when I lurked for a while (to get a feel for it), I decided it wasn't for me.

    Anyhow, I owned a couple of Pam and Linda's books, and about this time last year I decided to Google to see if there were any newer books available. I put Pam and Linda's names into Google, and Nameberry was the top link, so I lurked for a while and loved it, so I joined.

    While lurking, Nameberry instantly struck me as a perfect mix of parents, expectant parents and non-parent name lovers, all working together in harmony. And I also loved the fact that people of all ages mix here, and opinions are respected, regardless of age.

    This probably sounds really cheesy, but if I'm honest, Nameberry kinda feels like a home I'm really happy in, and have no plans to move away from!
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    I used to frequent Yahoo Answers, but the only feedback I ever got was along the lines of "ewwWWW!" or "thats a old person name!" or "ur kids r going 2 hate u 5eva." I came across Nameberry by accident and was attracted to the intelligent, insightful community of people who knew what they were talking about and shared my taste in names (or had similar tastes). I also appreciate the general friendliness of the members of this site and our ability to use proper spelling and grammar.

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    There are kindred spirits here! Most people seem to like the types of names I like. People are (mostly) very nice. Responses are articulate and well thought-out. It's a community.
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    I tried everything... Yahoo answers,, even really obscure blogs. I can't recall how I stumbled upon Nameberry, but I've been hooked ever since. It's nice because the design of the site is aesthetically pleasing and the expertise of the bloggers. No 10 year old trolls that I've seen. Even the teen berries are respectful and give great advice!!

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    I joined because I had been a member of a handful of other great naming communities. I was on one particular site for nearly a decade, but long story short, after a few forum reformats that really affected the traffic due to bugs in the system, the participant pool became very tiny. I found I got bored with the same names and same opinions being posted over and over again, so I looked for somewhere else and ended up here.
    I admit, I read much more than I post, but I always appreciate hearing the different points of view shared here.
    Sure, sometimes there are the same names being posted over and over here, or outlandish lists I can't get through, but I really feel like there's something for everyone. There's always *one* person who'll think positively about your favourite name, and that's nice to see.
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