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    I chose it because one of the first forums I saw was about a name I loved. Any where else the response would have been some teenager responding "OMG!! Ew. worst name EVER!" I like the variety of names, and the intellectual responses given. I also appreciate the variety of opinions on varying subjects from breast feeding, co-sleeping and words for names.
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    I like to hang out on several different baby name boards. My child will be interacting with all types of people, so I want all types of opinions. But there are plenty of places where people think something like McTinzleigh is cute, so it's nice to come somewhere where you can discover interesting, unusual, yet not "yooneeque" names.

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    You can obviously tell the all Berries have more intellectual capacity than the 10 year olds on Yahoo Answers. Before coming to Nameberry, I was using, which is much more cumbersome. People at Nameberry also give advice/suggestions when they respond. There's also a lot of ads on Yahoo Answers and it distracts from the actual discussion. I do kind of feel the pressure of presenting a name that is "worthy of the site". I love the name Avril but everyone here hates it and I think it's because it's not Nameberry-esque, and people here can be judgmental of your naming style. So what if someone likes trendy names? It doesn't matter as long as they like it. And no one here is judging your name choice of Evangeline because it's Nameberry-esque.
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    The only other place I ever really talked about baby names was on Babycenter. We're past the baby name phase in my birth group (our kids are turning 1 this month!), so I needed to find somewhere where people wouldn't think I'm crazy for talking about names for my hypothetical future children. Haha! I don't even know how I happened upon this site, but I joined because I liked that all the posts are articulate and no one was saying things like "I like the sound of _____, but this (kre8tyve spelling) is better." You ladies (and gentlemen, too, maybe?) like names that aren't awful!

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    I choose NB because I loved the people and their responses here. I never posted anywhere else because the communities weren't as welcoming, insightful and generous with their personal thoughts. (Mostly they just came across as belligerent and rude).
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