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    Clara is such a sweet name. I don't think it's too old-fashioned or a cow name at all! People are naming kids Clover and Elsie...if those don't fall in the cow name category, Clara certainly doesn't.

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    I like (okay, probably even love) both Claire and Clara. Both honor family for me, and they're both on my list as middles (Claire multiple times!). I honestly can't really see myself with a Claire or a Clara, but I do love them in the MN spot. I think it'd be refreshing to meet a little Clara, it's sweet and a bit artsy and charming, but unexpected, and I'm with @novaberry--I imagine a girl who can hold her own, is confident, but not pushy or snooty. I would love to meet a little Clara. I'm not sure if it matters, but I much prefer the British pronunciation (clah-rah) to the American one (CLARE-ah).
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    Clara is a wonderful name. I can't help but think of the The Nutcracker for a moment when I hear the name, very pretty.
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    I'm not a big fan of Claire but I quite like Clara actually (although it reminds me of doctor who but that's not necessarily a bad thing.)
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    I love Clara, it's much nicer than Claire in my opinion. I see a summery little girly girl when I think of a Clara. I also think of Doctor Who's most recent sidekick...but then I am a DW fan so not everyone would think of this reference, especially not in a few years time. The name Clara Madeline is on my list of favourites

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