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    Kim Kardashian's baby name is...

    North West

    I love the name North. I love the last name West. I would have never named my baby North if the last name was West.

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    They named the baby North? Are you kidding me? It's all for the publicity, who in their right mind names the child North when the last name is West?
    I LOVE the name North. On a boy. And it's one of my favourites, but I'll never use it anymore because I despise Kim and Kanye. Great.
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    I like it more than Kaidence for sure. I think it's very attention-grabbing with that surname, close to popular/stylish Nora/Norah, fits with the word-name trend, fits with the 'boys names gone girl' trend according to most (but do genders really own word names anyway?) and is very distinctive and rare. Pretty much a great celeb baby choice!

    I must admit though, I love the name Georgia and I was excited at reports of them using it. Georgia North West would be cute! Their name makes more of a bold statement with the no middle thing, but I loved the honor name for Donda in the false name as well!

    My real guess was that they would use a K name in the first name spot, but call baby by her middle.

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    Poor baby! She is going to have to live with her crazy name for the rest of her life. It just seems unfair.... Plus, North is a boys names (at least to me it is) MIDDLE name?! When she gets older and perhaps doesn't like her name she has no other options. :/ I think it is unfair to the child to give them a crazy "celeb" type name when they come from SUCH a high profile family. The combo of first/last name is just...*sigh*...ugh... A rare name is fine but many children of celebrities don't like being in the limelight. With a name like North West..well, she will never blend in with her peers for many reasons. I do like North tons more than Kaidence.....just not with the last name West. I wish them all the best! A baby is always such a blessing!

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    Honestly, I think it's kind of cute. Plus she will most likely have a different surname some day when she gets married (she will obviously take her spouse's name if she hates being West). AND it wouldn't shock me in the least if some celebrities release fake names for their kids & let the media refer to them as such while they reserve a different name for home/bc/adulthood when celeb kid might want to live in obscurity. That way they can pick a buzzworthy name.

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