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    Sounds like eulogy, and is very l-heavy, imo. It sounds like there should be another/different consonant (as in Eugenia) in there somewhere, so I find myself tripping over it. If my name was Eulalie, I'd probably go by Lily.
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    I like the sound of it, but I know it would hard to use in the real world. It seems like a name that would constantly get spelled wrong or mispronounced.

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    I think in English, Eulalie is very pretty. Yoo-lay-lee. Sweet and lyrical, and I'm finding saint names more and more intriguing (my denomination is about as far away as you can get from the Catholic church while still remaining under the Christian umbrella, but I find the stories of saints--and their charming names!--inspiring and refreshing).

    However, I have some French history--my best friend was from Paris, and I've always been a bit of a Francophone--and in French, Eulalie is said like oo-lah-lee, which I find MUCH less appealing, and nowhere near as cute as you-lay-lee. Plus, the "oo" sound at the beginning of Eulalie translates essentially to the word "euh" in French, which is essentially "Uh..." which is sort of... well. Unflattering. It almost sounds like you forgot your daughter's name when you're saying the beginning of it. :/ In English, it's great--I just don't think it's as beautiful in its original language. So I can't really seem to get behind it, especially since the French aspect will always be there for me. If none of that bothers you, though, I think it's a nice name and has a nice meaning (eloquent, well-spoken). And Lalie/Layley is a pretty cute nn (or even Lolly, if you say it the French way).
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    I love it! So French and chic! Also you get the cute nn lolly for when she is younger. In the States where I am there may be prn. issues like eu-lay-lee.

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    Makes me think of ukulele (the instrument) - just missing one syllable. It is also kind of a mouthful to say - all those vowels get garbled.

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