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    Thea- love this name! It's been on my long list for a while now and is great if you're also loving the nickname Teddy But it's adorable even if you're not.
    Arabella-bee on my short list for a little while. I love the sound, and it immediatly makes me think of a beautiful, pretty, adorable, little girl. It also has a hint of flare to it that I just can't pinpoint. LOVE all of the nicknaming possibilites for this name (for example:ara, belle,bella, aria)
    Kailani-Different from the other nams on your list, and very beautiful. It sounds very pretty and makes me think of flowers and the sun, (and a little of Hawii). So cute but not my favorite out off all of these names)
    Maddison-VERY CUTE. I have only met a handful of Maddy/Maddie's in my life and each one seems to be pretty and with a beautiful personallity to match such abeautiful name. Not my favorite, but I do love this name.
    Morgan- MY NAME!!! Thank you so much I love my name ad love it when I see it on any forums for a girls name that people actually love, which isn't all that often...In my life I have loved my name entirely, and thaink that it is apsolutly beautiful and graceful and fits my personality (funny, bright, lovely, amazing, beautiful to a T. And, more than that, it's not all to common. I've only ever met two Morgans in my life, and only know of two others.
    Mila-just georgeous. It is unique and sounds great, and isn't extremly popular. It does make me think of the actor Mila Kunis, but that's a good think, in my opinion, because she is beautiful and successful.
    Jade-I find this name to be a little over-used, and have heard it on a few people, as well as new babies. Its a little popular for my taste, but love the ossociation to the beautiful Jade stone.
    Sadie-Completely wonderful and full of life but not used as much as i've hoped it would be. Greeorgious and great. Makes me think of a beautiful little girl with a big smile andan even bigger heart.
    Chardonnay-wow. This one's new. I like it, but not enough to ever even consider it a name other than as a character in a book of story. So sorry. I justdon't see this as a usable name compared to the other names on your list.
    Good Luck!

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    Thea - this is quite cute and spunky. However, I do see it more as a nickname than an 'actual' name
    Arabella - this is one of my favourites! I think it's cute and feminine, and elegant but stops short of being stuck up or snobby.
    Kailani - this sounds a bit 'made up' to me, and I don't really like it.
    Maddison - I like it spelt with 1 'd' (Madison). It's one of my favourite middle names, but I wouldn't use it for a first
    Morgan - this is quite nice. It's cute with a strong edge, and I think I like it
    Mila - this is short and sweet. I wouldn't use it myself but I do think it's a very nice name.
    Jade - I don't really like this, it sounds a little bit 'chavvy' to me (although that might just be the area I live in). The only gem name I like is Rubie, and even them only as a middle name
    Sadie - I don't like this. To me, it sounds a bit old fashioned for nowadays.
    Chardonnay - you definitely shouldn't use this! If I met a girl named Chardonnay, or any other name that makes the mind go straight to alcohol, I'd assume the mother was either an alcoholic or a young mum who wished she was still a party girl.

    Out of these, I'd definitely go with Arabella, but I also like Thea and Madison

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    PLEASE do not name a child Chardonnay.

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    I love Morgan... and Arabella.

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    Thea - it's ok - how about Tess or Tessa?
    Arabella - ok
    Kailani - too trendy sounding
    Maddison - if you use it, spell it right - Madison
    Morgan - ok
    Mila - I like this one
    Jade - not a fan, sounds cheap to me
    Sadie - my favorite from your list
    Chardonnay - no, stripper name

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