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    I know the feeling! I've been waffling for months on one of my girls' names.

    Thea -- like it
    Arabella--cute and on the fun side of eccentric. As a first, it's either quite posh or chavvy here in the UK, depending on who has the name.
    Kailani--the sound of it is lovely, but it feels like something Kimye might have considered.
    Maddison--1996. Also not keen on the yooneek spelling.
    Morgan--Feels a little dated to me.
    Mila--very pretty, though it's rising up the charts really quickly.
    Jade--this one sounds like a stripper to me... sorry! Pretty in theory, though.
    Sadie--Not my style, but likeable
    Chardonnay--Eek! Isn't she a Footballer's Wives character? Least favourite on the list, by a long shot.

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