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    Like many people here, I think you should keep using North. But if you choose not to, what about the name of a town in northern Michigan (which you said was the reasoning behind North)? I feel like there are several usable ones. Heck, I grew up in Frederick "up north!" I'm not sure exactly where you spent time, but Boyne, Jordan, Glen, Ross, Houghton, Mack, and Gray are all derived from various northern Michigan towns. You could play around with names of places in the area you visited and find one that has meaning for you.

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    Personally, I feel that North as a name is more suitable for a boy. So, IMO, I think using North as the middle is A OK! :-) Perhaps you'll get comments like "Why didn't Kim & Kanye use North in the middle & give a more suitable first name for a girl? It works much better in the middle & for a boy." :-) No worries!

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    Just keep your fingers crossed Kate and Will don't choose Frederick. Lol!

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    I think that if they had used my daughter's name, I would have considered having it legally changed. (And she is 18 months old.) My daughter is Beatrix. It's not a common name. Many people have never met a Beatrix. Because the West child is going to be on tv and in other media, if she had been Beatrix the reaction would probably stop being, "Oh, like the author," and become, "Oh, like Kimye's baby." That reaction would actually make me like the name less. Like it or not, at the moment they're on the cover of every tabloid in the country, so the name becomes associated with that madness. Penelope avoided that because it is a more popular name, but when there is a less widely used name, people have fewer pre-existing associations with it, and the West baby fills that void a bit. If I had a kid named Suri a few years ago, I would have assumed the same reaction from people. Now, hopefully they fade from the limelight and it doesn't matter. But they're pretty darn rich and have been at this reality tv thing for quite a while and have built up a small empire. I wouldn't count on them going away anytime soon. You will have people who say, "oh, North, like on the Kardashians?"

    All that said, I agree with several of the posters above: It's a middle name. I don't think it matters as much as a first name would. You will not have to explain, "No, *not* after the Kardashian/West kid" very frequently. But it will come up, and only you know how much that will annoy you. I don't think that you're crazy to consider the implications of the name's use in popular culture. If i were you, I would probably still use North, given the disparity in sex and the middle position. But that's just me.

    Wow, that was long.
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