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    I love Frederick North! Please keep it.

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    North is a great name - it's a favourite of mine, myself! It's just with the last name West that is a problem (West by itself is a great name too). I think using it as a middle name won't draw comparisons to their baby at all. Fredrick North is a beautiful name - I would hate to see it changed because of this one thing.
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    Well first off they didn't steal it, I know how you feel I love North ON A GIRL. I have for a long time and boom they used it much less on a girl! However, I would still use it on a girl even if they did why should I let it stop me?
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    I would absolutely not use it now. That would really bug me, too. Thank your stars she had her baby before you named your baby. Now you have time to think of something not related to that ridiculous couple. Fredrick is a great name!!

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    Frederick North is an incredibly handsome and wonderful name. I admit that if I was in the same situation you are I would stress about using it too but in the end I would give my baby the name I love. I think most of the negativity towards the name is because of it's pairing with West, because naming a baby North West is just ridiculous. If you change the name then it really is as if it has been taken from you, but unless you let that happen nothing has been taken from you. You can still name your baby boy Frederick North. People will get over the Kimye reaction to the name quickly and just love your little boy, just as you will.
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