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    I really like Frederick North together It's a really cool-sounding and handsome name.

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are complete morons for naming their baby North West. It's turned into a joke, the poor kid... Honesty, I wouldn't immediately think of them when I hear your baby's name. If you and your husband put a lot of thought into it and love the name, then go with it! I wouldn't let those idiots sway your opinion of a name you love. Good luck!

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    Is North a family name? Does it have some kind of special meaning to you? If so, I would definitely keep it. I don't think the Kim Kardashian baby ruins the name North for you as a middle name. But if you are just choosing it because you like the way it sounds, and you don't like it as much any more because she used it, then see if there is anything else you could choose that you like better. The real issue is whether you like the name as much now as you did before. I understand how you feel - it would bother me too.

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    OMG! My condolences! I'm a teacher and I have a precious little girl in my class named Nori. It is a nn and her full name is an old Greek name that came from her great-grandmother. (I can't remember it exactly, or I would list it.) Anyway, my heart went out to her when I read the report, because until today, she was the only 'Nori' I had ever met. But, back to you. I LOVE your name and I don't think you should change it. Yes, for a short period of time, people will associate the name North with K&K. However, I doubt it will stand the test of time, meaning, in a few years all this fuss will be over and what will be left is a beautiful name for your son. Good luck!
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    The first thing that came to mind was Frederick George!
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