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    So I posted a few days ago that Kim and Kanye "stole" my baby name. I realize now that I overreacted and no longer feel this way. It's no big deal in the long I removed the post. Thanks to all who sympathized and thanks to all that posted a reality check. I chalk it up to being way too pregnant and emotionally drained. Thanks for understanding!
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    First off, I want to say that I've spent a bunch of time reading the comments online on the articles about North West (cause I'm a glutton for punishment, really) and lots of people are saying that North is a perfectly nice name - just NOT with West!!!! It's the last name that kills it and makes it really stupid. So unless your last name is also a direction, it's probably fine. Also, you're using it as a middle - if you're here in America like many of us Berries, how often do you say your middle name to people? I think it's really not a huge deal if you really love it.

    But - there's always a but - there's going to be a period where yes, absolutely, people are going to think of Kimye when they hear it. Just like Blue Ivy. We're a celeb-obsessed country and Kimye are press-obsessed and most likely not going away. So there's no avoiding it.

    But again, if you really love it and it feels right for you and your baby, do it anyway! If it bothers you so much that you can't get passed it, I'd start considering other options. Frederick is a lovely, classic name, I'm sure there are plenty of possibilities - and I'm sure lots of Berries here can help you think of one you like if that's what you choose! Good luck!

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    When I hear 'North' I think 'Oliver'...sadly, the Reagan years were a formative time for me. But, as to baby Frederick...How about Cole?

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    I'd keep Frederick. What about Frederick Easton? North is a fine name, but North West is just ridiculous. I think it's more a commentary on using 2 noun/ adj. names together... Lily Rose, Savannah Georgia, etc.
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    Firstly, I am sorry it happened to you. As a lot of people, I enjoy reading celebrity news but despise the fact their baby names bring attention and quickly increase in popularity. Also, I wanted to say that Frederick is a wonderful name and I love the relaxed nickname Fred - very handsome and full of energy.
    I agree Frederick North is a cool name but if it's off the table, I recommend to look for other classic name to compliment Frederick. There are a lot of names I like with this first name. Frederick Hugh, to start off. Frederick Seth, Frederick Bruce, Frederick Garnet, Frederick George, Frederick Bartholomew, Frederick Seamus.
    Another idea just came to mind: if you don't like the Kardashian-West connection, what about using a variation of North? Frederick Northon or Frederick Northcliff would be very interesting, plus you will use the Mae you like avoiding the North West thing. But honestly, North is such a great boy name and I don't immediately think of Kimye at all.

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