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    A certain number of people will think of the Kardashians for a short while. Nowadays when I meet a baby named Violet I don't think of whichever celeb named his kid that, I think "oh great name."
    It's on the opposite gender, in the middle slot, presumably with a different surname. I doubt it'll matter. Don't pick a whole new name just because the next two weeks might be awkward. He'll have it all his life. Pick one worth keeping that long, and don't let yourself get resentful over your kid's name. You're going to be saying it a lot.

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    I absolutely love the name North for a boy (particularly because I'm from Northern New York and went to school near the Canadian border). It has a lot of meaning to me. I'm not going to let a couple of press-hungry "celebrities" (although I can't understand what Kim K is famous for, exactly) influence my decision, and I hope you won't let this unconfirmed rumor get you down.

    My suggestion to you is to go with your gut. If it really bothers you that Kimye's daughter may be potentially named North and you're afraid of commentary from others, then don't use it. BUT, if the name is significant to you and your husband for your son's middle spot, then keep it.

    Frederick North is very handsome. Other middle ideas if you need them:

    Frederick Heath
    Frederick Hart
    Frederick Lane
    Frederick Saul
    Frederick Gray
    Frederick Noel or Nolan
    Frederick Wade
    Frederick Gabe

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    First off, I am so sorry that at 9 months pregnant you have to stress about this!!

    This kind of thing would bother me too. Probably to the point of reconsidering North as a mn. Just because of how close together the births are, not because North is ruined forever or something.

    I do love North with Frederick. It tones down the formality of Frederick. In this combo I find North to be subtly naturey and earthy. I wouldn't replace it with something preppy/directional like Easton or Weston. I would replace it with something a little hippie-ish with the same down-to-earth vibe. River is nice, Path might be a bit out-there, Way has a nice worn-in feel to it? Is Frederick Way out-there for you? I like the directional aspect of North. No idea if that's meaningful for you, but I figured I would riff off of that. Wyatt or Waylon or Hiram have a similar feel for me.

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    I guess I assumed that "stole" in reference to a baby name is just a figure a speech. Of course I know I don't own the name North. I also am well aware that my son won't be the only one with that name. As with a lot of name enthusiasts I am simply looking for a balance of an approachable name, that I love, and at the same time isn't extremely popular. I know I am not the first parent to want to avoid popular or limelight names. I thought I had struck that balance nicely with the middle name North. As it turns out because these two celebrity parents choose an unusual and some feel unfortunate name combination, and North is not exactly under the radar any longer. "Stole" is maybe the wrong term but I didn't coin it. It refers simply to someone feeling like they had a name they loved and someone (maybe someone close to you or maybe two crazy celebrity parents) used the name as before you. Maybe it is silly but in some way that feels like something was taken from you, some intangible right to "wow" people with your baby name choice. Maybe popularity of a name has no meaning to you and there is nothing wrong at all with feeling that way. But there isn't anything wrong with feeling like you want a more unusual name for your child either. Although North isn't mainstream in terms of actual numbers, a celebrity has a way of catapulting that name into the forefront of people's minds. I know I would feel less upset by the issue if the name North wasn't combined with the surname West. It just makes a joke out of an otherwise great name. If the had chosen Anna and my soon to be daughter was also going to be named Anna I wouldn't be nearly as upset. Anna West would have been beautiful and inconspicuous. Naming a daughter Anna days later wouldn't register in most people's minds as the West's baby's name. Naming a son or daughter North days after the West's definitely registers with people. Having said all that, I think I'm still going to use it because it's a middle name and all this will blow over soon. Thanks to anyone that understands that I'm a little disappointed. Anyone that doesn't understand at all my feelings that's okay too. We all have very different feelings and reactions to things. It's okay if you feel I'm being petty. I know it's a little petty to feel this way. Sometimes petty things bother us all though.

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