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    Is Ethel TOO old-fashioned still?

    I have recently been pondering the name Ethel. I like it, but my only reservation would be it possibly being too outdated.

    I do know a girl in her early twenties named this and I liked it on her.
    Lily Allen had a baby girl by this name, so it may be able to make a revival.

    Well, it is my great-great grandmother's name so that does make it seem very old.

    What do you think - is Ethel able to be used, or is it not yet ready to come back?
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    It still sounds really old to me.

    Plus, I also don't like it because its similar to Ethyl (which makes me think of chemistry too much).

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    Personally, I think it's on the line, but probably pretty really depends on your overall naming style. I mean, there are little girls (nameberry babies included) being named Agnes, Mabel, and Edith right now, and I think Ethel is right in there with that group.

    It's definitely more out there than Lila, Charlotte, Olivia, and the other more popular revival names. And it might depend a lot on where you live. EG, if you live in Oregon or NY it's probably easier to get away with than if you live in Nebraska...

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    I don't mind that it's old, but I find it insipid. Sorry.

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    It's cringe worthy to me. Sorry
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