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    I'm really curious on your thoughts on the name Montana/Montanna.
    It is my name and I personally don't like it so don't worry, your opinions will not offend me, haha.
    I just feel that it has too much of a childish vibe because of Hannah Montana and it's a place name (although I'm Australian so the state isn't the first thing that comes to mind)

    Also how do you pronounce them? Mine is spelled Montana and pronounced with the 'anna' although I'm forever being called 'Mon-tar-na'. People have even tried to convince me my name is not spelled correctly.
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    Montana and Montanna are pronounced the same here, mon-tann-uh. I don't like it at all as a person name.
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    It's not really my favorite place name.
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    Well, I'm not a big fan of place names, but as they go Montana isn't bad.....the soft 'ana' ending makes it rather attractive.

    I pronounce it mon-TAN-uh.
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    I pronounce it mon-TAN-uh too.
    It's really not all that bad.
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