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    How hard is to name a baby?

    OK. I admit some people have hard time with baby names. But I am interested in true number. Does anyone have statistics of how many babies are unnamed when they are born? How long generally takes to name a baby in the belly? Does parents search internet or they just find paper and pencil and write as many names they can think of? How many parents have any rules?

    Recently, we have some trolls (or troll) who invented unnamed babies, so nameberry isn't credible source, but no site on internet isn't credible.
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    Most people I know knew what to name their children before they were born - but a large number of them (around 25%) regret the name afterwards or felt bullied/pressured into it by either family members or partners. Now this is only based on my circle of friends.

    Most people I know have used name books and the internet (forums or name website) as well as brainstorming with friends and families to find their childrens names.

    I don't think you'll find any statistics, its different for every one and the rules about when u have to legally name your baby varies from country to country. Some places it the same day the baby is born and in others its 6 months before you have to legally name your child.

    For me, the longest we had an unnamed baby was 3 days and that was our eldest. Our youngest we knew from the get go that if he was a boy he would have the name he has (it was the deal when my partner named our eldest, that a second son would have my first choice for our eldest and luckily he had grown to love it as much as I did by the time our youngest was born)

    Most parents I know have general rules, but not as many as a lot of berries. granted being on NB has changed my perception and rules a lot and I knew scrutinize names alot closer than I did with my other two.

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    I've had three friends who couldn't pick a name for their second child at birth. They took 3 days to name them. With our daughter we had chosen her name before she was born. We are due with our second in November and we've selected a girl and boy name that we like.

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    Hospitals urge women now to have names prepared before giving birth. They don't like to delay filing birth certificate/SSN paperwork. That doesn't mean it always happens, but I think more often than not now people prepare names (or at least a few options to pick from) before the birth.

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    Only one of my friends was undecided when she had her baby. It took her and her husband about a day to decide their baby's name. All my other friends had their names picked out before the baby was born. I think it just depends on both people's tastes and whether they agree and compromise easily.
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