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    WDYT of Caspian....

    WDYT of Caspian....?


    If you're not a fan of the CS Lewis novels (in fact some of the themes really irk you) would that put you off using the name?
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    Reminds me of the C.S. Lewis novels.

    I've never liked the pee-en ending sound, but I really like it anyway.

    Caspian feels like the love child of Casper and Crispin. Three names I adore. One day I'll have to choose.

    Anyway, feels like a modern Casper and has a literary background. I like.

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    I love Caspian! Although we're both pretty set on Soren for the first boy (it just works so well in both cultures), I'd love to use Caspian for the 2nd. Still working on the DH for that one, as he thinks it's a bit like naming a son Tehran (he's Persian). To me it's quite literary and sounds so dashing and gentlemanly. However, I can also see how it could be odd to some, being a body of water. I do love Cassius, Cassian, Caspar, and Caspian. All great names...
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    I like it!

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    Love, love, love it! It's at the very top of my list, but I'm fairly certain we won't be able to use it because of the last name our child/ren will have (two syllables, starts with 'K' ends with 'an'). I don't have to decide yet though, so until there's a baby that needs naming, I'll be keeping the name on my list and dreaming of my little Caspian.

    I love all the Cas names, but Caspian is the best imo. It's so full of life and adventure, masculine romance and imagination. I just adore it.
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