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    I really like north, but I think it's terrible That they would give their little girl such a joke of a name. I had heard it was Kadence donda west as well, which I found okay. Lets hope this isn't for real.

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    I still think it's a joke.

    I mean, the name North is awesome in my opinion but the fact they paired it with West just turns it into a ridiculous publicity stunt. But, what were we all expecting from Kim Kardashian? It just proves to me they had a baby for ratings, that's all. I still think it's Kadence and they're playing a big joke on the media, I hope.
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    This has to be a joke. It keeps her in the news and keeps people talking about it so they can drive up the price of the baby pics in the magazines. She's a crazy media w*ore but she's not this ridiculous.
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    I quite like North, probably even more for a girl than a boy, and Nori is so cute. But North West. Come on Kimye. That is neither funny nor cute.

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    This totally makes Rainbow Aurora look amazing.
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