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    This is totally a rumor/joke. They're ridiculous people, no doubt, but not THAT ridiculous. It's just too silly.

    My husband told me he heard on the radio that someone leaked the first name as being Kadence and the middle name is Kanye's mom's name. The source also said Kanye had wanted to name the baby Khrist (Christ with a K), but the Kardashians put their foot down on that. That kind of crazy I DO believe.

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    I am secretly still hoping they are playing a big joke on us all. Sure, it'll throw an awesome name like North under the bus for a little while, but I am incredulous they would choose something soooo punny/odd. This isn't weird like Moon Unit; it's just turn-your-kid's-name-into-a-joke weird, and I have my fingers crossed that this is their jab at the media for ridiculing Kim's pregnancy...

    If it's for real, shame on them. North is a cool name; I don't even mind it so much on a girl, but North West!? Sheesh.

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    I have to say I'm with everyone hoping this will turn out to be just a big falsity. I love the name North and Nori is a seriously adorable nn, but North West is cruelty.

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    On a boy? Not a fan.
    On a girl? That's even worse.
    With the last name West? I have no words.
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    I'm hoping it's a joke too - one of those "get the media back" jokes. Nori is cute as a nickname, tho, even if it means seaweed =D there are names with worst/weirder meanings out there, popular ones too.

    I'm keeping in mind that none of the Kardashians have actually said anything about the name yet!

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