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    The rumor was North months ago, and I was SURE it was just a joke. I am sad to be wrong. I was hoping for Kalina or Kamila.

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    Well... At least it's not spelled 'Knorth'.

    I really, really, really don't like it. I hope she doesn't get picked on too much in school. It's a shame Kim didn't consult Kourtney in regards to a name: Mason and Penelope were great choices! Nori would've been better as the first name, or even Nora... And NO middle name!
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    I think it is great they didn't go with a K name. Nori is cute.
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    I am more concerned with the nickname Nori. It makes me want Japanese food.

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    Well the article doesn't state that they decided her nickname would be Nori. That's just the author trying to find a way to make this less awful.
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