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Thread: Larke and Uuna

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    Larke is pretty cool, but I prefer Lark.
    Oona/Ulna could possibly be one of the worst names that I have ever seen.
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    I actually really like Una. Uuna spelling is a little off-putting, but Una I think is cool.

    It's different, but people are exposed to Uma, so Una isn't too far off.
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    I greatly prefer Lark to Larke or Larka. And I don't even like the name Lark!

    Una and Oona are beautiful and the meaning is sweet. It's a name I would consider using if my cousin didn't have a very similar sounding name (Uma). The spelling Uuna looks very strange.

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    1a) I prefer Lark because its just more accepted, I suppose. I think Larke would get misspelled often. Lark is a beautiful name after a lovely bird, which I like, but I've always thought of it as a middle name. I guess it'd be refreshing.

    1b) Larka is interesting, but not my style at all. I prefer Lark to Larka.

    2) I adore Oona. Uuna looks misspelled. I don't know if its a typo but its spelled Una. The extra "U" throws it off.
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    I love Larke. And I agree it looks softer. But it may get misspelled often, since people will naturally assume Lark. But I wouldn't really let that bother me, since you will get the same thing with Oona/Uuna/Una. Her name is spelled one way, and she will often get the other spellings.
    I like Oona or Una. Oona is the 'natural' spelling for me. But I love the simplicity of Una. Uuna just doesn't look right to me.

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