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    I love Cristiano! Cristiano Philippe is amazing, and I don't think it really needs a nn. Cristo is pretty cool, though!

    My next pick would probably be Mauricio--I think the nn Reese is really cool. Also like Luciano. Good luck!
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    I have a secret obsession with the name Aurelio but to be honest, my family wouldn't even be able to pronounce it. My husband is Sicilian (hence the Italian/Mediterranean names) but my family is very.... vanilla. They're all "Sue, Bob, Tom" type people. I can't imagine the frustration we'd feel having to constantly correct them on how to pronounce his name. Maybe one of my son's will let me name one of their children in 30 years! haha

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    Marco is one of my favourites. I am sorry to say that I have always thought that Luca sounded like a girl's name.

    What about the Italian version of Alexander? Or are you looking for something a little different? If so I think Dante would be perfect.

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    Giacomo or any of the g names with the nickname gio is pretty cute. I know a woman who has kids mat+eo, El!o, and gio (sorry for the weird spelling for searchable reasons), and if you didn't already have one similar to her second son's name I'd have suggested that. But gio is really cute too and sounds like it would fit.

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