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    Trying to decide between a few combinations for a boy, would love your input!

    I have a son Leo Al3xand3r and we are wanting to TTC in the near future and we don't have many boy names we both like so it hasn't been as hard to narrow it down. So here are out top contenders let me know what you think!

    Augustin Theodore

    Augustin Louis (loo-ee)

    Philip Edward

    Philip Theodore

    What do you think?

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    I like your options!
    Augustin Louis - reverse initials of big brother!
    If you use nicknames, I prefer Leo and Gus over Leo and Phil. If you aren't into nicknames, I prefer Leo and Philip.

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    Hmmm... this is difficult. I actually find August- names much more trendy than Philip, a classic... However, I think Augustin fits with Leo a bit better. Augustin Louis is great, depending on the surname...
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    Thanks for the replies so far!

    We would use Gus as a nickname for Augustin and if we used a nickname for Philip it would NOT be Phil, hate it! We would use Pip but most likely just use Philip as a whole.

    Last name is pronounced like Win. We don't mind the flow of Augustin Win even though I know a lot of you guys probably won't like it It is just so hard for us to come up with names we both like that unless it is absolutely awful we aren't going to worry too much about flow.

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    I love Phillip! It doesn't fit as well with Leo as Augustin does, though.

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