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    Weaning after 1 year

    My second daughter, June, is now almost 14 months old, and I am still nursing her 2-3 times a day. I have been pregnant or nursing since October of 2009 and I am emotionally and physically exhausted and feel like I need a break! My older daughter kind of naturally weaned herself- she went down to one time a day around a year (morning), and my husband took her on a week-long trip at 15 months without me and she never looked back. However, June is still very attached to nursing and gets VERY upset if I refuse to nurse her on demand. I really don't want to just cut her off "cold turkey" because I feel like that will cancel out the attachment/emotional benefits of breastfeeding. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to ease this transition? By the way, she is eating well, eating a wide variety of table food. Thank you!

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    With my son I began weaning him off the boob and onto a bottle ( of expressed milk)at about 7 months. He had had bottles before and never objected to them but always prefered the boob! I just needed to have him take bottles more as I was going to be going back to work part time.

    I started with just 1 bottle a day and went up from there. We started with all breastmilk in the bottle but eventually stated mixing itiwth formula asmy supply diminished. By the time he was 11 months he was completely on a bottle ( of formula) which was honestly kind of sad for me as I really wanted to do a year but of course with all the bottles my supply was drying up so it was a lot easier to get the milk from a bottle than from me!

    I think he also like the fact that he could walk and drink at the same time! ( he was walking at 10.5 months). He was and is a super active kid!

    Maybe a "big girl"sippy cup could convince her to slow down the breastfeeding? Maybe try mixing milk with your breastmilk for taste?
    Good luck!
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