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Thread: North West?

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    Feb 2013
    North would be neat for a boy, if he didn't have a directional last name. I don't really like it on a girl. Klementine would have been nice (definitely prefer it with a C though)... or I even like Nori for a name.. just not North!
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    It would be kind of cute on a boy...but not on a girl. I hope she will go by Nori or Nora at least.

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    May 2013
    hehehe...what a way to ruin some perfectly good names. North by itself for a boy is fine. And West, imo, is an awesome ln or mn with a lot of good fn options. It's even cool as a boy's fn.

    But together!! Why make your poor baby's name a direction!?! I do think Nori and Nora are cute, but it does not change the fact that this is a weird, androgynous, and laughable name.

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    People are joking that the baby could one day have a clothing line, perfume, etc., and call it...North by North West. Sigh.
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    I don't even like North on a boy, so giving it to a girl is even worse. And with the last name West? I have no words.
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