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    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    Just for the kicks, I hope that a possible future sister will be called Mae.
    I thought the same thing! Mae West is better than North West! LOL

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    I am 50/50 on this one. North would make a cute even smart sounding middle name or boy's name like other forum members have mentioned but when combined with West and being a female it's not so pretty. The name suggests an institution (North West Bank, North West Security) rather than a person.

    On the other hand I find it refreshing they didn't try for a trendy or old ladies/cat names like Clementine Ray, Agnes Grace or Pearl Jay, Lila Rose or any name with son at the end.
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    I remember reading the news and wondering what Nameberry would be saying about it, ahha!

    I love North for a boy. It's icky for a girl but not awful. But with the surname West? I'm hoping it's a publicity stunt.

    Although the nickname Nori is cute.
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    This seriously has to be a publicity stunt. I think Kim's just trying to kept herself in the spotlight by giving their child such a ridiculous name. She's a celebrity for no reason! If she wants her child to be famous, then let her do it with talent if she'll have any.

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    It does sound like a publicity stunt. I think even she's smart enough to know that North West takes it a little to far.

    Also, I read on facebook that she's sending fake pictures of different babies to friends to see who leaks the picture first..So if she's not even sharing pictures of the baby to her friends then why would she give the real name? (Not sure how true that is though)

    But if it is the baby's name then it's her choice but I'm sure she's aware by now that people think it's ridiculous. Even though the NN Nori is pretty cute and Nori West isn't so bad.
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