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    This is the comment I just put in the blog.....

    Speaking as someone who’s maiden name is West, this name has to be some kind of piss-take. Until I hear some reasonable explanation come out of Kim or Kanye’s mouths I will continue to think this is just another step in demonstrating how ridiculous this whole ‘celebrity’ family is. They are truly becoming a caricature of themselves and, honestly, it’s just simply embarrassing now. Very disheartening that they, in one foul swoop, destroyed the brilliant name of North!

    Can't think of any other way to say it without being really really rude!!
    Mummy to the gorgeous Alice Heather and the delicious Harry George

    Bubba #3 due March 2014! Finalising short list of favourite names!

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    I think you got plenty of rude in there, don't worry. -_-
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Stupid selection, completely dumb. They look dumb and unoriginal.

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    I think both North and West are nice names, but you should only pick one direction at a time. And everyone should have a middle name! Nori is cute though.

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    Everyone jelly!

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