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    If it's true...

    That poor, poor child.
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    Now I normally don't get upset as I'd use the names anyways...but NOOOO I LOVE North especially on girl it's been on my list for a long time. ugh. I'm still keeping it but still. I dislike both of these people immensely and they used a name I really love for that gender wah.
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    It makes me kind of mad in a way. I mean really the poor girl will be ridiculed with jokes about her name for the rest of her life. Even her nickname Nori doesn't make it any better since it means seaweed (or is a seaweed)...I mean it sounds nicer than North for a girl but really? Gross...I would not want to be named after slimy smelly green stuff that washes up on the shore.

    And the poor girl doesn't even have a middle name to fall back on!! I don't even like Kim or Kanye but I certainly expected them to do better than North "Nori" (no middle name) West!!

    Maybe they should have just gone with North Pole West haha.

    I still do love North for a boy though...the way it should be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by staceypsyd View Post
    My son's name is North (last name Joyce....5yo) and I know it shouldn't matter to me but I have to say I am sooo upset that his name, which I always thought of as rather cool and unique, is going to be used as a punchline for late night talk show hosts
    Can I ever relate! My son's first name is North, as well. (He's two and named after his great grandfather who was also named North. No directional last name, either.) I'm absolutely sickened by this news. Before today, I loved his name, thought it was unique, rugged, pure (not to mention the deep family significance for us). Yet, when we were in public this afternoon and I called out his name, I felt a bit embarrassed, linked to a B-list "celebrity" and a self-absorbed "artist." Our unique, masculine name now seems trendy and feminine, qualities we were so desperately trying to avoid. My mother, who knows nothing about celebrities or popular culture, even called me to see "how I was feeling" about the news. Devastated! I cannot stand this couple. And they have now made a joke of my son's name. Perhaps I'm overreacting and this will all die down, but, for now, I feel as though my son's name has been thrown under the bus.

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    I think that North is actually a really unique and cool name... FOR A BOY! Not for a little girl with the surname West, that's just ridiculous.
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