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    I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised, not surprised in a bad way.

    I like North, but with a different last name. North Kardashian? With a feminine, more common middle name? I would be SO all over that.

    But North West? Is a joke. It's just tacky. Seriously? It's like when people name their kid John Johnson or whatever. It's not cute, it's not original. It's just tacky and dumb.

    End of rant.

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    They really missed an opportunity not naming her Knorth pronounced like Knife or Knight. I guess they are not that clever.

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    Part of me wants to think this is a red herring, because they don't want to reveal the baby's name. But considering who we're talking about, it's probably true.
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    @tct1219 - nah, Georgia.

    I know it's only a MN rumour but I am shallow enough to strike it off.

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    Honestly, North West would've been pretty cool - on a boy. On a girl it's just ridiculous.
    Knorth would've grown on me tbh, it's kinda cute when you think of Knight and considering she's a celeb and socialite baby, it could've totally worked.

    We'll see when the infos officially released.

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