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    WDYT of the name Khrysteena?

    It's a different way to spell Christina.

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    I think you want to give people who work at any sort of call center or government job a headache when they have to fill out paperwork with that name.

    Your daughter will have to correct people on the spelling for her whole life.

    Please, no.

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    It's trying too hard to be yoo-neek.

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    proudtosayy Guest
    NO. I do not like this. I think you should spell it Christina or even Kristina if you really want the K, but I don't think you should spell it some odd way to make it 'different.' no matter how you spell it she will be another Christina. No one will say 'oh she's Christina, but it's spelt different so her name is unique.' And it will mean she is constantly telling people how to spell her name, because no one will ever spell it right.

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    There just isn't anything wrong with Christina the way that it is, there is no need for this.

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