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    Thoughts on my top GP names?

    My top guilty pleasure names for a sibset of three girls are unusual but not yooneek. They are:

    Persephone Lyric
    Artemisia Sonnet
    Calliope Fable

    Opinions? Are they entirely unusable?
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    I think they are all usable. I do like Artemis in particular but I don't care for the Artemisia form.
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    I think they're unusable in their present form, and maybe unusable altogether. I know nameberry will be all over these names, but real life practicality isn't always the first priority here. Although names like Calliope Fable are beautiful, I just can't imagine them on actual children. They seem too whimsical, too dream-like, to actually work. Calliope Grace or Calliope Anna would work alright, and would Claudia Fable or Carys Fable would be great, but I think you need one "normal" name to make the combos seem like they could be an actual person rather than a storybook character.

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    As a senior in high school, and a fan of unusual names...I would HATE those and probably choose to go by something else.

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    I think they're best left guilty pleasures. While they're lovely combos, they're very over the top. Especially as a sibset (though I like the music/literary word middles.) Sorry!

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