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    Need an unusual name...this is hard!

    My daughter's name was easy to pick. My husband said her name and that was it. This one is proving to be very difficult! Our daughter's name is Mavity. It is an Irish surname. All the grand kids in my family have surnames as first names (a trend I started since our daughter is the oldest). Now I feel pressure to continue it but I'm also a rebel so whenever "everyone" is doing it I tend to go the other way. So I guess I'm open to either.

    Names that we like but aren't sold on...
    Niko (nee ko)

    Ok so help me please!!! I feel like I should see/hear a name and have "that" feeling and I have yet to do so.


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    I like Niko best of those three, I'm not sure about the alliteration of Tavin and Mavity?

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    I looked up unusual irish surnames (so they can't really be that unusual) and came up with these that I really like:
    Lyons (Laighin)
    Whelan (Faoláin)
    Byrne (Broin)
    Dwyer <- O'Dwyer (Dubhuir)
    Fitzgerald/Fitzwilliam (I love that these are legit ln's and Fitzwilliam reminds me of Fitzwilliam Darcy from P&P).
    Lindsay (I know very girly these days but wasn't Christian Kane's character in Angel called Lindsay? And it's an irish ln - talk about a very unusual choice on a boy)
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    Mavity is really unique and interesting! How is it pronounced, like May-vit-tee or rhyming with gravity or some other way? Just curious, I rather like it No worries, I won't steal.

    Fitzwilliam, gosh I love that lexiem suggested this. Mavity and Fitzwilliam "Fitz" is gorgeous to my ears.

    Niko is okay, but like pp's I would worry about similarities between Mavity and Tavin. Trevyn... for some reason I'm reminded of Trayvon Martin, I don't know where you're located or if you're familiar with the story. Either way sad story, and also Trevyn makes me think someone was trying to be trendy and combine Trevor with the perennially popular -yn ending. Sorry, I know it's legit, it just seems that way to me.

    I'd also suggest:
    Whistler (NN Whist or Whit)
    Torin - I know a boy named this, his mother says its an Irish surname

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but there is an Irish surname list if you're interested. I don't know if you're going specifically in the Irish direction but maybe this will help: There are some other surname-only lists on nameberry too if you're in need of more ideas. Good luck
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    Her name is pronounced like gravity.

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