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    Nursing while pregnant/tandem nursing

    Does anyone have experience nursing a toddler while pregnant?

    My 23 month old still nurses and is incredibly attached to it. I am newly pregnant. She nurses once during the day and since we co-sleep, she nurses on and off at will during the night, this varies but some nights she nurses frequently. This is not an issue for me and I planned to let her self wean but I'm concerned about her still nursing in the late stages of pregnancy (because it is somewhat disruptive to my sleep and sleep will be really important at that point!) and especially once the baby is here.

    I would like to be able to give all my nursing attention to the newborn that will be relying on it. I'm not 100% against tandem nursing but if she isn't done by then I can't see her stopping as she is very possessive of me. Any effort at this point to curb or limit nursing is met with frustrated screaming and crying. She's a mamas girl through and through. But I feel if I'm going to wean her, it needs to be at least several months before the baby arrives so she doesn't feel replaced.

    Any experience or advice is greatly appreciated!!!

    And please, if you are against toddlers breastfeeding just respectfully decline to comment. I don't want this to turn into a breastfeeding debate. Thank you!

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