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    Tough last name to couple with

    My boyfriend and I are expecting our baby boy in November and since we found out I was pregnant names have always been the last thing we want to talk about. We discussed names early on once and came up with a decent name: Isaac Roland, however BF was on the fence about Isaac and I didn't want to settle with a name he couldn't see his son named. The reason for the reluctance to pick out names stems from BF's last name, ---- (Please no jokes about not naming our son Richard or Duncan, I've heard them all.) I never realized how hard it would be to pick out a name that couples with BF's last name seamlessly and then to agree on a name we both can live with.

    While this is BF's first born, it will be my second so my son already has an older sister, Samantha (we call her Sam or Sammy for short) and would perfer a name that also has a nickname that will couple with BF's last name and flow smoothly with Sam/Sammy and (son's name here). I'm not so worried about initals and what letter the name starts with. Really not being picky. I just need help finding a name that is suitable. Middle names are welcomed and appreciated!!

    Thank you in advance for helping.
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